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Forest Hills Neighborhood, Durham


You have reached the main page for the Forest Hills Neighborhood Association (FHNA) of Durham, North Carolina.

Email list /

FHNA maintains an email list (listserv) for residents of the Forest Hills neighborhood.  Subscribe to the email list by joining Subscribing to the listserv does not require membership in FHNA.  Residents of other Durham neighborhoods and people with ties to Forest Hills are welcome to subscribe as well.

FHNA Membership

Membership dues support Forest Hills Park maintenance and special projects as well as community service projects and neighborhood social events.  The membership year starts on July 1 and runs through June 30.

There are many ways FHNA and neighbors can enrich our neighborhood, and options include playground equipment, sidewalks, garden upkeep, social events etc.  Please continue to let the FHNA board know what you would like to see happen with membership dues.  Link to poll.

Membership donations

Memberships can easily be completed online: link to donation page (requires logging in to

Other options: