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Forest Hills Neighborhood Association has an annual holiday fundraiser most Decembers.  The FHNA board selected two of the received nominations for this fundraising.  This page describes one of the two fundraising campaigns.

FHNA will match, up to $2500, the donations to this fundraising campaign.

There are a few ways to donate towards the cause below:

If using any of the above other than the donations page, please indicate in the memo section that the donation is for Durham Technical Community College.  As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, your contributions to FHNA are tax-deductible.  Please send an e-mail to if you need a receipt for tax purposes.


We hope you will consider a gift to Durham Tech Community College to help create a warm and welcoming campus environment.

You might think an institution as large as Durham Tech, serving some 18,000 students, would have a robust budget for landscaping and hardscaping, but this is not the case.  Margins are slim and DTCC allocates resources beyond the classroom to assist students with food insecurity, housing insecurity, mental health services, success coaches, and other forms of support. This means other needs on campus often go unmet.

One such need is to improve the campus outdoor environment. When some COVID-19 funding allowed the College to invest in outdoor furniture, the impact on campus surpassed expectations. Rarely do you find an empty bench or table during the day. But as more students and faculty began using the outdoor spaces it drew attention to the fact that those spaces are lacking. When business leaders, students, faculty, staff, and community members come to campus, the external look of the buildings and grounds should better reflect the welcoming, professional and quality institution that is Durham Tech. Currently the external and internal don’t quite sync.

With a fairly minimal budget, big improvements can be made. The money would be used to purchase trees, shrubs, flowers, and outdoor ornamental elements.  Durham Tech has generously been given a significant sculpture on permanent loan by Forest Hills neighbor Guy Solie. It is going to make a huge splash on campus and a perfect time to launch this new effort.